Our Work

Responsible Forest Management

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of everything that Mekong Timber Plantations (MTP) does. MTP is committed to meeting international best practices for responsible forest management. Our estate is certified according to the Forest Stewardship Council's principles and criteria for forest management (license code FSC-C140421). Our Processing Plant is also certified according to FSC™'s Chain of Custody standard (license code FSC-C176516), which is ensuring traceability along the production chain.

IFC Performance Standards

MTP is conducting periodic internal monitoring to make sure that we adhere to IFC's performance standards. The IFC Performance Standards are defining responsible businesses' responsibilities for managing a wide range of environmental and social risks, which are inherently latent in most forestry operations.



Environmental Management

MTP is strongly committed to being a leader in environmental performance. We are not only focusing on good silvicultural and industrial practices but also committing ourselves to minimizing impact on the natural resources.


To rise to the environmental challenges and make a significant contribution to creating a more sustainable world, MTP is committed to the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems. We have made biodiversity conservation a key pillar of our sustainability strategy.



Community Development

MTP believes that the best investments are those made in our community. Therefore, we are committed to being a long-term partner to the communities of which we are part, and to bring about positive change to the lives for the families of our local communities. One of the key areas the MTP is working on is to eradicate child labour in our communities by recognizing the need to find long-lasting solutions that support children, youths, and members of their families.

Employee Rights

Our People have been a key focus for MTP from the start. We have objectively determined that the rights and interests of our employees and workers are guaranteed. We focus on ensuring that our people have rights to health, safety, and well-being. We take pride in having created an environment at work where people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and points of view are recognized, appreciated, and encouraged.